“Good news, everyone!” is a collection of articles about solving problems that a data scientist might encounter in practice. At least, this is the intent; we will see how it goes.


  • On the expected utility in conversion rate optimization

    It can be not only extremely useful but also deeply satisfying to occasionally dust off one’s math skills. In this article, we approach the classical problem of conversion rate optimization—which is frequently faced by companies operating online—and derive the expected utility of switching from variant A to variant B under some modeling assumptions. This information can subsequently be utilized in order to support the corresponding decision-making process.

  • A poor man’s orchestration of predictive models, or do it yourself

    As a data scientist focusing on developing data products, you naturally want your work to reach its target audience. Suppose, however, that your company does not have a dedicated engineering team for productizing data-science code. One solution is to seek help in other teams, which are surely busy with their own endeavors, and spend months waiting. Alternatively, you could take the initiative and do it yourself. In this article, we take the initiative and schedule the training and application phases of a predictive model using Apache Airflow, Google Compute Engine, and Docker.

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